Following the cancellation of Tropical Cyclone Rita (Cat 3) for Temotu Province, the National Disaster Management Office in Honiara is currently supporting the Provincial Disaster Management Office in Lata in preparing the Initial Damaged Assessment Team to do Initial Damage Assessments in areas likely to have been mostly affected by the cyclone.

The areas include the remote islands of Anuta and Tikopia with Anuta being the closest to the proximity of the system as it moves Southwest of Temotu. Information coming in from affected areas indicates disaster impacts on the Islands, however, information to the NEOC Honiara and PEOC Lata remains sketchy as communication to the affected areas are limited.

However based on previous reports from cyclones taking the same path in the recent past has put the people of Anuta and Tikopia as immediate victims of hazards associated with gale force winds, storm surges and continuous heavy rainfall. Structural damages to buildings and other properties is also an element at risk. In the area of livelihood and food security, food gardens would have been affected by flooding and soil erosion from the direct result of continuous rainfall.

Another sector that could potentially be affected is the education sector through disruption of classes which could mean students missing out on end of year exams. While in the health sector likely impacts will be on injuries sustained as a result of gale force winds and storm surges. Based on previous experience there is also the possibility of post cyclone risks on outbreak of diseases.


Given the current status of cyclone Rita, the National Emergency Operation Centre (NEOC) has been activated to Activation Mode Level 1, While Provincial Emergency Operation Centre (PEOC) has taken a step further to Level 2. In the meantime all seven of NEOC’s function teams have been activated to provide support to PEOC in Lata and the N-DOC while maintaining contact with a key informants in Tikopia who also relayed information from Anuta. N-DOC committee chairs are also kept in loop to advice on further responses should the need arise. “What to do information” is a key area that is being maintained to allow affected communities know what action to take in such situations.

The Temotu Provincial Government through the Provincial Disaster Management Office is leading the response and will deploy its IDA team to conduct impact assessments and emergency humanitarian relief. The Provincial based Red Cross and World Vision Branches in Lata, Temotu, provide the relief supplies.


Gaps currently facing NEOC and PEOC is maintaining effective communication to the remote island of Anuta and the engagement of external actors and humanitarian agencies of the relevant N-DOC sector committees.


Given the above scenario P-DOC Temotu is to deploy and assessment team to do an Initial Damage Assessment (IDA) on Anuta, Tikopia, Utupua and the Reef Islands. The IDA report will form the basis for a proper response form SIG to the various sectors that need assistance.

The SIG, TPG, Red Cross and World Vision is jointly supporting the response through the PDMO Temotu.


Media Release: Relief to Reef, Anuta, Tikopia and Duff Islands

Date: 29/10/2017

Severe Weather Event and/ or Natural Hazard: Cyclone Donna & Tinakula Volcanic Ash fall



Tikopia, Anuta and Duff Islands have been experiencing an on-going critical food shortage after Cyclone Donna damaged root crops in early May 2017.

Reef Islands are currently experiencing a critical water shortage due to widespread ash-fall contamination of their water supplies following the minor eruption of Tinakula volcano on Saturday 21st October 2017.



NDMO is facilitating the food relief response of 40 tonnes of rice to travel to Tikopia, Anuta and Duff Islands on the MV Onogou for 2593 affected people. 

NDMO is facilitating the water relief of 11, 790 cartons of bottled water. The majority has been loaded on the MV. Onogou. The remaining water will be shipped this week via another shipping vessel. Water relief will be distributed to 6485 affected people in Reef Islands.


NZAid and DFAT provided the water relief. SIG provided the food relief and all logistical costs.

Medical supplies will be unloaded at Lata Port. 

NDMO volunteers will be deployed along with the relief effort supplies to assist in the distribution of goods and further assessments.

The Geological team will disembark at Lata and report to PDMO and NDMO. 

The Response Deployment will last from 29/10/2017 -11/11/2017. 



The MV Onogou completed loading at 11.30pm Saturday 28th October. 

The MV Onogou is not a chartered vessel and will follow its normal schedule through the islands with community OBM Canoes engaged by NDMO to distribute goods.  


Be careful to avoid outbreaks of diarrhea by maintaining good personal and toilet hygiene and not drinking dirty water OR EATING unwashed fruits, for example, local apples which are now in season.

NDMO encourages the public to take wise decisions to remain safe, strong and healthy during this time.

Check our website for further updates and listen to SIBC and other radio stations at main news times.