Wat nao for doim Taem Ash fall hem kam from Volcano?

When the volcano erupts a lot of ash will fall in the ocean and on the land. Wind will carry ash very far away and high-level wind can take ash in a different direction to wind on the ground. This means many people can be affected for a long time.

Volcanic ash is full of small chemicals that can make us sick. It is important to try and avoid touching, breathing or eating ash or drinking contaminated water. 

Every volcano is different but there are some common things we can all do to help our communities preparestay safe during an ash fall and clean up and be healthy afterwards.

Before hem happen

 Ash fall will contaminate water and can be unsafe to drink:

·      Refill all pots and containers with drinking water

·      Disconnect all drain pipes from copper roof to tank

·      Cover opening of tank or open wells

·      Take down all gutters from roof

·      Collect food from garden to use in emergency

·      Collect firewood for cooking

·      Cover all windows and doors  

·      Shelter animals and collect food for them  

·      Have safe drinking water

Taem hem happen

Ash has chemicals that can make us sick. Protect your body and your family. Do not eat food covered in ash or water that has changed colour or taste.

·      DO NOT drink water if colour and taste have changed badly– drink coconut

·      DO NOT eat food covered with ash (for example fruits)

·      DO NOT boil rice in contaminated water (you can rinse or cook vegetables in this water. They may have a bad taste but are safe)

·      Keep children inside (DO NOT play in ash)

·      Protect skin from ash

·      Avoid ash going in eyes (rinse with water and do not scratch or you may get RED EYE)

·      Cover nose and mouth with damp cloth for breathing

·      If ash is thicker than 10cm try to clean from roof immediately to stop damage (damp ash then broom, shovel or wipe with cloth).

Be careful to have safe toilet. Clean hands to avoid diarrhoea


Afta hem happen

The volcano will stop throwing ash and you can begin to clean up. Remember the ash on the ground, trees and in water can make you sick. Wash food well and drink only clean water or coconut. 

·      Clean up ash from around house. Try to avoid walking ash into the home.

·      Clean ash from roof and let rain clean copper.

·      Remove all covers from windows and doors and clean area.

·      Do not throw the ash near water supply.

·      Do not breathe in ash when cleaning

·      Empty contaminated tanks, clean bottom of tank and let new rainwater refill. There may still be some small taste.

·      RED EYE may need medical help from clinic

·      Diarrhea: keep drinking coconut. See clinic

·      Cough: be careful of fever developing, especially in children. See clinic.

Affect of Ash on health: Cough, vomit, belly run and head spin