• monitor and assess developing disaster situations and support the NEOC with information and with the promulgation of any warnings
  • undertake the assessment of impacts at the local level through the PERT and the NEOC assessment process and contribute to NEOC reporting
  • undertake local planning, operational and logistics functions for disaster response to support and coordinate the provincial and local response to disaster events
  • promulgate public information to the village level for developing and during disaster events
  • coordinate sector responses and national and external support through the Province into the village level.

The PEOC is organised on functional lines plus a Provincial Emergency Response Team (PERT). PEOC Functional Teams are to be established to fill these functions according to arrangements to suit the Province.

The PEOC is managed by the PDO with a PEOC Management Team comprising the heads of the PEOC Functional Teams and the Head of the PERT.

The arrangement and functions of the PEOC and the PEOC Functional Teams are to be established in SOP’s by the PDO for approval by the PDC and the national level Disaster Coordinator.