CCA Climate Change Adaptation Council National Disaster Council DM Disaster Management

DR Disaster Risk

DRM Disaster Risk Management

DRR Disaster Risk Reduction

GDP Gross Domestic Product

IDP Internally Displaced People

MAL Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock

MCA Ministry of Communications and Aviation

MCIE Ministry of Commerce Industry and Employment

MCT Ministry of Culture and Tourism

MDPAC Ministry of Development Planning and Aid Coordination MECDM Ministry of Environment, Climate Change Disaster Management and Meteorology

MEHRD Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development MFA Ministry of Foreign A airs

MFMR Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources

MHMS Ministry of Health and Medical Services

MID Ministry of Infrastructure and Development

MLHS Ministry of Lands, Housing and Survey

MMERE Ministry of Mines Energy and Rural Electri cation MOFT Ministry of Finance and Treasury

MPG Ministry of Provincial Government

MPS Ministry of the Public Service

MRD Ministry of Rural Development

MWYC Ministry of Women, Youth and Children

NDC National Disaster Council

NDMO National Disaster Management Office

N-DOC National Disaster Operations Committee

NEOC National Emergency Operations Centre

NGO’s Non Governmental Organizations

PDC’s Provincial Disaster Committees

PDO Provincial Disaster Officer

P-DOC Provincial Disaster Operations Committee

PEOC Provincial Emergency Operations Centre

PMO Prime Minister’s Office

PS Permanent Secretary

RCC Recovery Coordination Committee

RR Risk Reduction

RWSS Rural Water Supply and Sanitation

SIBC Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation

SIEA Solomon Islands Electricity Authority

SIRC Solomon Islands Red Cross

SIWA Solomon Islands Water Authority

SOP’s Standard Operating Procedures

TOR Terms of Reference

UNDAC United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination

US Under Secretary