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By Brian Tom

Principal Programs Officer, National Emergency Operation Center

NEOC activated to support Lata PEOC on TC Donna

The National Disaster Management Office has activated the National Emergency Operation Centre following impacts reports received as a result of Tropical Cyclone Donna. 

Cyclone Donna this morning with a central pressure of 994 hector Pascals, located near 13.1 degrees latitude south and 171.2 degrees longitude east. With its destructive winds and heavy rains, communities of Tikopia, Anuta, Vanikoro Utupua and Reefs Islands, have reported impacts.

NEOC liaising with the Solomon Islands Meteorological service to closely monitor the movement, intensity and possible impacts Donna would cause to vulnerable communities.

The NEOC is now activated on standby mode, to support the Provincial Emergency Operation Centre in Lata Temotu Province, for further verification of information received.

The NEOC now would like to encourage people to listen out to the SIBC and other media outlets for warnings and what to do information.  You can call 955 or 933 for more information.